Hello world!

Aloha!!  After MUCH encouragement from my wonderful Husband, I am FINALLY starting my own blog!!  I’ve put this off for soooooo long since I had absolutely NO IDEA where to start!  I still don’t, so I guess I’ll just start off with an introduction!

I thought that this might be a good place to keep a journal of sorts, of God’s mercy and grace in my life!  I am a newlywed (well, sort of; married to an AMAZING man of God by the name of David, for 1 year and 7 months), and have seen many changes in my life since the day I said, “I DO!”  It has been amazing to see how God has worked in both my life, and my Husband’s.

One AMAZING thing that just happened in my life, is that there is a new addition to our family!  My cousin and his wife just had their second child early this morning!  A Baby Boy!  His Big Sister can’t WAIT to meet him!  We are all praying that he’ll have a name before they have to leave the hospital! LOL!

One adventure that I am enjoying as a newlywed, is learning my way around the kitchen!  I watch the Food Channel and Rachael Ray to get inspiration.  There have been some hits, and also some misses.  Thank you LORD for giving me the love to be in the kitchen, for I fear where we might be if I didn’t!  My HUBBY absolutely HATES to be in the kitchen!  I think we might be starving, or living off of plate lunches or frozen food!  NOT GOOD!!  I really don’t know how he survived so long as a bachelor!

Another adventure, that I have recently started to get more serious about, is photography.  I’ve always been interested, but never REALLY got serious about it until now.  God is AMAZING, at how He works in our lives!  I’m learning, and would LOVE to make it a full time job.  In particular, I’m looking at wedding and portrait photography.  God has lead me to an amazing photographer via the Internet.  My goal is to shoot like her, using natural light, in manual mode!

Well, I guess I should close now!  I hope to post often.  This is my first time blogging.  So if anybody out there has tips/advice/etc for me, please feel free to leave me a comment!


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