Sorry that it has been SO LONG since I last posted!!  Hopefully, I’ll get back to posting on a more regular basis!!!  Internet, you gotta keep me accountable! 🙂  My Mom and Sister are coming to visit tomorrow!!  So hopefully, I’ll have material (stories, pictures, etc) to blog about! 😀

Well, my brother Jeremy, was officially ordained on Sunday!!  He is now an ordained minister!!  I really wish that I could’ve been there for this amazing moment in his life.  Luckily, his church broadcasted the service live, via U Stream! 😀  YAY!!  What a BLESSING!!  Here it is, just in case you are interested:

Ordination of Jeremy Kaneshiro

It’s so funny to think back when we were little.  With my Dad being a Pastor, people would often ask him if he was going to grow up to be like his Dad.  He was always SO SURE that he’d NEVER be a Pastor like Dad!  LOL!!  Look at him now!

So incredibly proud of my brother!!  I LOVE YOU!!  Come visit us, Rev. & Mrs. Jeremy Kaneshiro!



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