It’s blog update time!!  Sorry again about the hiatus!!  I enjoyed time with my Mom and Sister, and just haven’t gotten back to spending much time on the computer (other than working on our taxes; I know, I’ve procrastinated!).

My husband Dave loves to read works by what he calls,’Dead Dudes’.  One such person is John Owen.  Dave has been reading a work by John Owen called, “The Death of Death in the death of Christ.”

Dave has an odd love affair with books!!  He doesn’t believe in bending the spine.  In fact, he’ll look for a thin piece of paper (a receipt would be PERFECT!) to use for a book marker so that it won’t leave an impression in the book/spine!  He also doesn’t believe in marking up books in ANY WAY!!  He could probably return books after he’s read them since they are in perfect condition!!

But the other night, he just HAD to do a no-no!!  He had to break out the highlighter and mark up this book!!  He shared with me this incident yesterday, and I totally agree that it was okay to break the rules, this time at least!!  Here it is:

“God, out of his infinite love to his elect, sent his dear Son in the fullness of time, whom he had promised in the beginning of the world, and made effectual by that promise, to die, pay a ransom of infinite value and dignity, for the purchasing of eternal redemption, and bringing unto himself all and every one of those whom he had before ordained to eternal life, for the praise of his own glory.”

Can I get an AMEN?!!  AWESOME!!!! 😀


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