Vegged out!

As a child, I guess I must have been a little picky about vegetables.  For some reason, I clearly remember (though, my parents claim they don’t) a particular meal at Pizza Hut.  I must have gotten into the routine of picking off a lot of veggies from my pizza.  My parents got so fed up that they told me, if I didn’t eat everything, that I couldn’t have anymore pizza!!  Boy, did that work!!  I guess threats really do work! 🙂  From that day on, I’ve been a veggie lover!!

God has such a sense of humor, for I am married to a guy who just hates veggies!!  UGH!!  He claims that he was forced to eat veggies as a kid.  Now that he’s an adult and can choose what he wants to eat, he won’t touch veggies!!  He claims he’s become allergic.  Yeah, right!!!! (dripping with sarcasm!)

I can’t eat a meal with veggies, without the comments coming from the other side of the table.  Hey, please let me eat my veggies in peace!!  Nope!  Well, at least I can be thankful that he’ll eat salads, especially Caesar Salad.  I know, weird, right?!  Thankful for the little things.  At least he’s not TOTALLY vegged out, and that, I am thankful for! 😀


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