So, a while back, we bought a couple of used kayaks off of Craigslist, thinking that we’d make good use of it.  To date, I can remember two times that we’ve actually taken them out!  Right now, they are just taking up space on the side of our house.  Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to use them next week, during our remaining week of vacation.  Right now, we are enjoying our time on the Big Island.

Hopefully, our attempts on the kayak will improve each time we use them!  Our first time out, boy did we get drenched!  I had an underwater camera (you know, one of those one-time use, disposable ones), and needed to use up the film.  So we decided to get a picture of us.  Our first attempt, wasn’t too successful.  As we tried to get our kayaks close enough, in the water we went!!  Eventually, we were able to get a picture.

We have been wanting to try our hand at SUP (Stand Up Paddle board).  We haven’t wanted to try it out, due to the fear that we’d love it too much, and want to get boards (which can be REALLY expensive)!!  But we just might rent boards to give it a try!  Hopefully, our attempts will be more successful than they were with the kayaks! 😀  I guess it won’t be too bad if we get drenched!  It’s been hot lately, and a nice dip in the water wouldn’t be too bad! 🙂


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