Crazy hair day!

Crazy hair day! Boy, do I remember those days of Spirit Week at school!!  Didn’t participate too often, but I do remember how outrageous people would dress!!

Today is Crazy Hair day at my Mom’s school, where she is a teacher.  Since I was around, and am an early riser/morning person, she asked me for help.  I helped her make 3 pony tails, which was outrageous/crazy enough for her!  Wish I took a picture!  Though, at the time, I wasn’t feeling up to it (often, I have problems with sinus stuff/headaches).  If she comes home with the hairdo, I’ll definitely try to get a few shots! 🙂  If I’m able to get a shot, I’ll post it!

How about you guys?  Got any crazy pictures/stories to share?  I didn’t have much school spirit (actually, I just was too shy to dress in a way that people would be staring and talking about me).  So I don’t have any pictures/stories to share.  Bummer!!


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