Random Friday

Wow!!  I’ve made it a whole week, blogging every day!  BIG accomplishment for me, and I think that it is actually getting a little easier! 😀  I’m taking suggestions for any ideas!  Maybe I’ll start a Monday Me?  Give you a little of my story?

Starting to pack to go home tomorrow morning is making me a little sad.  I’ve enjoyed time with family, and wished that everyone lived withing driving distance (like on the mainland).  Too bad we don’t own a huge boat, or a submarine!!  My Uncle (Dad’s older brother), when he was in college, tried to tell some friends that there was a huge under water tunnel connecting the West Coast to Hawaii!  She actually believed him, and had started to make plans!

But, it will be nice to get back home.  Maui No Ka Oi! 😀  It’ll be nice to be home to celebrate Easter with our church family out in Lahaina. 😀

Tonight, we’ll be chowing down on some good grub!!  One of the hotel restaurants in Waikoloa has a Kamaaina special for their seafood buffet.  We are headed out that way to have dinner with my brother, sister-in-law and her parents.  Can’t wait for the special time of fellowship!! 😀

Happy Easter!!  I pray that you all will reflect on and celebrate the TRUE meaning of Easter!!  May God be GLORIFIED above all!!


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