Monday Recap

Recap time! 🙂  How are you all doing?  I pray that you all had a BLESSED weekend, as we celebrated Easter!!

Dave & I had a blessed time on the Big Island.  It was such a blessing to take a vacation, with no agenda, other than to spend time with family, relax and recuperate!  What a blessing it was!  We’ve done lots of the tourist stuff before, so we just wanted to relax.  That, we did! 🙂

We got to the Big Island on a Saturday morning.  The next morning, we went to hear my brother preach at Waikoloa Baptist Church.  Then we had lunch and just hung out.  Loved every second of our quality time!!

Then we headed back to the Hilo side of the island, for a family dinner/cook out at my Grandma’s house.  We had all kinds of yummy, onolicious food!!

Then started our relaxing week.  As I blogged on Friday, we went out to Waikoloa again to have dinner with my brother, sister-in-law and her parents.  Had a delicious buffet dinner, but an even sweeter time of fellowship!

After dinner, we took a walk near the shoreline, and got to see some of the remaining beauty of the sunset.

I’m starting to get the hang of Manual Mode!!  (I just need to continue practicing, practicing, practicing!!!)  All the pictures that I took were without a flash.  I was amazed at what I could capture, in the dark! 😀

Top Photo: Photo of the fish pond that was damaged by the recent tsunami.

Bottom Photo: Random, I know, but there were these random cloud streaks!  Amazed that I was able to get a shot, in the dark!! 😀

Top Photo: There were these cool looking lamps, that kind of looked like a Chinese hat.  My sister, Keri, had the cool idea to take a picture under it, so that it’d look like she was wearing it.  Didn’t quite turn out how she wanted.

Bottom Photo: Another try, this time with one in a lighted area.  Still, not quite the effect we were going for.  Oh well!

We headed back to my parents house after dinner, since Dave & I were leaving the next morning.  Can’t believe how fast the week went by!!  I already miss my family, but it’s nice to be back home.  Thank you God, for allowing us to live in such a beautiful place.  May we always glorify You!


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