BlogStomp!  Any of you know of this fabulous product?  I just installed the app yesterday and gave it a try (trial).  I LOVED it so much, that I searched for the discount code (it’s only for a very limited time, and can be found in their “Discussions” tab on their Facebook page) and just bought an activation code!  Can’t go wrong ($19 instead of $49)!!  BlogStomp will make it SO much easier for me to share photos with you all, in my blog!  YAY!!

But that brings to mind, some other questions!  When should I start adding a logo to my pictures, so that I can start branding myself from the beginning?  What should I call my “business”?  When/how do I make my “business” legal?  How do I want my logo to look, in order to start branding myself?

You might be wondering, “What spurred these questions?”  Well, BlogStomp makes it SO EASY, to add your logo to your pictures.  I love the tab look on the bottom of the picture, making it look like a Polaroid.  But that white area would also look SO good with a logo on it!  I also know that it’s important to start branding myself as soon as I can.  I guess I’ll wait until I get to the point where I think I’ve gotten enough practice that my pictures are a representative of my brand, whatever that may be!

Here’s an example of what BlogStomp can do, with pictures that I posted on Monday!



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2 responses to “Questions!

  1. I use BlogStomp. I keep forgetting to download the app. It looks awesome though! Maybe tonight when I’m blogging an e-session. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

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