Favorite Things: Grill!!

Favorite things.  I’m reminded of the movie, “Sound of Music,” where Maria sings a song about a few of her favorite things!  I’ve been thinking that I’d like to share with you guys, a few of my favorite things!!

Since I’ve already used it two times this week, I’ve been reminded of how much I LOVE my grill!!  I regularly use it, and all but one time, has it performed like a champ!  One instance was yesterday.  Since Dave and I are on vacation, we decided to head to church for potluck and Bible study.  We don’t usually get to go since Dave gets off of work too late, and I’m already in bed.

We made the decision to make the May’s teriyaki chicken for our potluck dish.  Didn’t realize, until I started defrosting the chicken, how much there really was!

10 lbs of chicken REALLY is A LOT (the mug is for size reference, in case you are wondering)!!  Good thing I have a nice sized grill!!  I really do make good use of it! 😀

With the three burners under the grill plate, it didn’t take me as long to cook the chicken as I thought it would!  😀  It took about 75 minutes from start (heating up grill, which I usually let go for about 10-15 minutes) to finish (turning off grill, after cleaning).  So, you must be wondering what grill I have?!  Well, after doing a ton of research, I decided on this one . . .

It’s a Char Broil Red.  I LOVE it!!  So glad I did the research, which lead to a smart, informed decision! 🙂  I have used this grill to cook veggies, kabobs, ribs, steak, chicken, fish and crisp up/toast bread.  What do you grill?


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