creativeLIVE has been a HUGE source of information for me as I dive into photography!  I found creativeLIVE while Jasmine Star did her first workshop (photographing a wedding, LIVE!).  While the courses are showing live on the internet, it is free.  But there is SO MUCH valuable information, that it is so tempting to buy the download! 🙂

Currently, creativeLIVE is hosting a workshop by Zack Arias, “Foundations of a Working Photographer.”  AMAZING so far!!  I would LOVE to buy this course ($99 while it’s showing live, $149 once the course/workshop is over), but don’t think I can afford it at the time.  Guess I’ll just watch while I can, and take notes.  GO!  Check it out!! 😀

Edited to add:  Video of introduction



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  1. Me too. I’m watching what I can. I’m a full-time student with a wife and 2 kids and I can’t swing the fee right now. I’m going to be putting much of this to use when I 2nd shoot my first wedding tomorrow.

    • Isn’t Zack amazing?!! I’m learning a TON of information!! Good luck tomorrow!! I’m sure you’ll do an amazing job, with all the info that Zack is sharing! 🙂 I’m looking forward to the day when I can start 2nd shooting weddings! Until then, it’s practice for me, and learn what I can during my spare time! Much Mahalos!

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