False advertisement!! :(

On Saturday, we made a visit to Lowe’s with a list in mind.  New grill cover (our old one had become faded, and dried up/cracking, no longer providing the needed protection), plants for our container garden (containing a spider lilly), and food for our plants that we are trying to revive.

One thing we came away with, was a strawberry kit (including the pot, seeds and soil).  It was a nice pot, and we thought that it’d be neat to grow the strawberries in it.

We brought it home, only to find out while reading the instructions (which were hidden during the time of purchase), that I can’t even USE the container to actually grow the plant!!  After the seedlings are 5 inches tall, I’ll need to transplant it to ANOTHER pot/container!!  FALSE ADVERTISEMENT (note: I wasn’t able to read the instructions until after purchase, since I would’ve needed to open it up in order to read them)!!!  SNEAKY!!!  UGH!!!

It would’ve been SO much cheaper to just do it on my own!  We didn’t really need soil, since we already had some.  We didn’t need a container, since we already had several.  So all I would’ve needed to buy were the seeds!  The pot is just practically an EXPENSIVE seedling pot!!  WARNING, don’t buy this UNLESS you really want an EXPENSIVE seedling pot!!


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