Hump Wednesday

Boy has today/this week been a doozy (is that really a word?!!) of a “Hump Wednesday”!!  It’s been hard to be back at work, after 2 weeks off.  One big HUMP to get over, was getting back into my “regular” (if you can even call it that!) sleep schedule!!  I’ve been able to fall asleep at my usual, time, but I’ve found myself waking up throughout the “night.”  Thankfully, once I get out of bed and get going, I’m okay.  It’s just once I get home, that my tiredness takes over!!

Through the grace of God, I’ve been able to keep my promise to my Hubby!!  We bought a Nordictrack incline trainer from Sears, and just got it on Thursday.  Boy was it a workout in and of itself, to bring it home and set it up in our house (boy was it HEAVY)!!  I had promised my Hubby to make good use of it!!  Ever since Friday, I’ve been getting on it and doing my daily workout!!  It’s been hard to get on it, but once I get going, I feel good!!  Getting back into an exercise routine again, has been good for me!!

I hope that your “Hump Wednesday” has been a good one!!  On a side note, I don’t usually watch too much network tv since I’m usually asleep!  I heard about NBC’s “The Voice,” and decided to check it out since they have the show online.  Last night was the second show, and it’s turning out to be good!  Such a neat concept!  You should check it out!

Okay, since I know from experience that a picture makes a post better, here are a few that I took even before I thought of doing photography professionally!  I just wanted good pictures to use for PowerPoint backgrounds (I used to help out with PowerPoint for a church we used to attend).  These are pictures that I took while checking out the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island, with my brother!


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  1. Keri

    i’ve been watching “the voice” too! love it! 😀

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