Farmer Dave & Our Babies!

“Farmer Dave.”  That’s what my Husband said he wanted to be, in a recent conversation!  We have dreamed about working together, and running our own business.  We both like the country, and outdoors.  This led to my Husband’s idea of farming.  Currently, he’s looking into olive farming (any of you out there do this?  any advice?).

Since we know that we can’t grow olives at the moment, Dave has looked at other things that we could start off with for now.  We are wanting to grow our own fruits/vegetables.  This led to us heading to Wal-Mart & Lowe’s on Saturday, looking for the right “stuff.”  We walked away with seeds, starter kits (seedling), starer soil, and onion bulbs.  I can remember from my cousin Naomi’s adventures in organic gardening, that it REALLY does make a difference when your food is FRESH!!  So we picked out vegetables/herbs and flowers that we thought we could grow in container gardens (since we rent, and there is gravel everywhere in our yard, we had no choice but to go with a container garden).

Here are our babies!! 😀  Dave is already impatient, and can’t wait to see them emerge!


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