Pasta Concoction: Hit or Miss?!

I’ve been enjoying getting to know my way around the kitchen, of course, thanks to the Food Network!! 😀

Lately, Dave has been on a seafood kick; mainly, a king crab leg kick!  After bringing home and cooking some king crab legs from Costco (well, I was really “warming them up” since they were previously frozen/cooked), Dave turned to me and asked if I knew how to cook other seafood (fish, oysters, whole crab, lobster, etc.).  (side note: the crab legs, from Costco, were yummy!)  Um . . . nope!!  Growing up, we couldn’t afford to eat that kind of food, so I never learned how to cook it!!  But in this kind of situation, the internet/Google/You Tube/Food Network is my best friend!!

The idea for the pasta concoction that I came up with the other night all started out with wanting to cook something using stuff I already had.  I knew that I wanted to use the shrimp scampi that I had in the freezer, but didn’t want to just throw it with spaghetti wheat noodles like I usually do (Dave is usually looking for the “meat”!).

After a trip to the super market, I decided to use penne pasta (wheat), clams, orange bell pepper, white wine (don’t worry, I cooked it long so that the alcohol would burn off) and onions (along with the shrimp scampi that I already had).  After tasting for QC (quality control), it didn’t quite taste  right.  It needed something a little creamy.  I had some alfredo sauce.  So I opened up the jar and added some alfredo sauce, and grated some parmigiano reggiano cheese.  Hey!  I think this is a hit!! 🙂  Not bad for not having a recipe to follow! 😀


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