I’m OLD! That’s a realization that I came to yesterday!!  It’s high school graduation season this week, here on Maui.  Since all my family is out of high school, I don’t usually attend graduations anymore.  For those of you who have never experienced a high school graduation here in Hawaii, you have to check one out if you are ever here during the season!!  It’s an experience like none other!  SO MANY PEOPLE!!  Leis piled high on graduates heads that they can’t see/breathe!!  Leis made out of every imaginable object!  Elaborate signs/balloons amongst the packed crowd to help family and friends find their graduate!

Yesterday, as I thought about high school graduation, I thought about if I knew of anybody that might be graduating (since we don’t subscribe to our local newspaper, I didn’t see the listing of all the high school graduate candidates).  I suddenly came to the realization of who was ACTUALLY graduating this year!

My first real, paying job was as a Teacher’s Aide at Kahului Baptist Preschool.  I worked there during my Senior year of high school (and for a few summers after that).  Yesterday was the day that I realized those students that I first had, known to them as Miss Erin, were GRADUATING!!!  Oh, how I feel OLD!!  I’m sure that they have absolutely NO IDEA who I am, but I do remember some of them!  It’s amazing how some of them are still recognizable after all these years!

Congratulations to ALL 2011 Graduates (preschool, elementary, intermediate, high school, college, graduate school, etc)!!  You are AMMMMMAAAAAZING!!  😀


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