Inspiration.  That’s what I received last week Wednesday!  I traveled to the West side of the island to have lunch with a local photographer!  She invited me over for lunch, to share some “Hippy Food,” at a health food joint that recently opened up!  I had wanted to try the place out, but since Dave is not a fan of “healthy” food, I knew that I had to try it out by myself.  She offered to join me so that I wouldn’t have to go alone!

We talked, a lot, and shared, a lot.  I got to hear her story, and her struggles.  She inspired me to keep on, keeping on!  I just need to get out there, and SHOOT, no matter how hard it may be!  Lord, please help me to figure out a way to balance time with You, being a wife (and ALL that is involved, like house work, etc), work and my hobbies (which photography is a part of, and would like to turn into a paying gig).  May everything that I do bring you Glory!!  🙂

Oh, and if you are ever on the West side of Maui, check out Choice Health Bar in Lahaina (next to Pizza Hut/Taco Bell off of Honoapiilani Hwy)! 🙂


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