Garden Life

Garden life.  That’s what we’ve been about lately!!  Hey, I thought growing your own vegetables is supposed to help you save money?!!  Then why, o why, are we spending SO MUCH??!!!  But it is so much more fun, and fulfilling!! 😀

We are doing this by trial and error.  So far, our second try is doing pretty good!!  After reading that potting soil is no good, and that we should use potting MIX for our container garden, the remaining seedlings and the starters that we bought seem to be doing well!!  YAY!! 😀  I will definitely need to get a picture posted!!

Though, a weird thing has happened to the dahlia bulbs that we left in the potting soil (since it was doing SO WELL)!!  Night, yes, I said night, mushrooms have taken over!!  We thought that it must be one of the stray cats bringing something weird into our container.  But, then they started sprouting up in all of the containers with the potting soil!!  SO WEIRD!!  They just take over at night, then wilt during the day!!

Hopefully, we’ll continue to have success!!  Then we’d like to give a try at lemon and lime trees, and olive trees!! 😀  Seems like we could grow it in the container (a large one, of course), and it’ll help it from getting too big/out of control!  Have a great weekend!! 😀


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