Kerbear!!! My AMAZING Sis!!! :D

Kerbear!  That’s what I call my younger sister, Keri! 🙂  She came to visit the other week (actually, she really came to help out with you camp in Keanae, to be a counselor).  She came in a couple of days early, and I got to hang out with her the day she arrived (a Saturday).  I know how much she’s been eyeing up my camera, so I let her play with it some.  🙂  Ain’t I a nice big sister?!  😀  Since she left the pictures on my camera, thought I’d share them with you (SOC-straight out of camera)!

Lovely plumeria trees!

Don’t know why, but I love this picture!  For some reason, I like this view point, & have also taken some pictures like this!  Guess we really are related! 😀

I think this is one that she said was one of her favorites! 🙂  LOVE the color of the flowers!


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