12.11.2011-Valley Isle Fellowship Installation of Senior Pastor, Stephen Kaneshiro

WOW!!!!  I can’t believe that it has been about 5.5 months since I last blogged!!  OUCH!!  I better get caught up, and get back to blogging!!

Since I told my brother that I’d share some pictures with him of yesterday, I decided to clean out the dust and blog it!!

Valley Isle Fellowship  (VIF) installed my Dad, Stephen Kaneshiro, as their Senior Pastor yesterday, Sunday, December 11, 2011.  Most of my immediate family are in the process of moving back!  It’s weird, that after a little over 7 years, I’ll have almost all of my immediate family back on Maui!  My parents moved to the Big Island back in August of 2004.  Both my brother and sister eventually followed them.

VIF has been without a Senior pastor for about 2.5 years.  This past summer, my Dad temporarily moved over to serve as their Interim Pastor.  VIF then called my Dad as their Senior Pastor in October, and my Dad moved over in November.  Unfortunately, my Mom is still living on the Big Island since she has to finish out her teaching contract for the rest of the school year.

A few people from my Dad’s previous church on the Big Island, In Christ Alone House Church Ministries, flew over for the installation service.  Here are a few of them.

The only cousin that my Mom has on Maui, Dean, came to the service!  Thanks for coming Dean!!  I got to meet him for the first time at Thanksgiving!  He is my Grandma’s nephew.  Here is a picture of them reconnecting after many years!!

The school cafeteria where they hold their services, is all decorated for CHRISTMAS!!



Pastor Darren Sarmiento started the service out with a welcome, followed by Praise and Worship.

Ken served as the announcer/emcee.

Then an expression of thanks was given to the members of In Christ Alone House Church Ministries.



My Uncle Paul (my Dad’s brother), who happens to be the pastor of Pukalani Baptist Church, then gave a Charge to VIF.



My good friend Malia, shared a special Interpretive Sign Dance to “My Redeemer.”


Bob, the Moderator of my Dad’s former church (In Christ Alone House Church Ministries), gave a Charge to my Dad.



Special Prayers of Dedication for the Church, my Dad, and my Mom then followed.



Wes (Moderator of the MCBA) shared Congratulations from the MCBA.

My Dad shared some closing remarks and thanks.

The worship team closed by sharing “Christmas Offering.”

After a closing prayer by Flo, it was time to fellowship and eat!  Two things that VIF does really well!! 🙂  The stormy weather outside didn’t dampen the day at all!

So, at 59 years of age, a new chapter, and new adventures have started for my Dad!  God is not done using my Dad!  I know that he will deeply miss his In Christ Alone family.  We, the Kaneshiro Family, would like to thank them all, for taking the time and sacrificing, to make the journey over to Maui!



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3 responses to “12.11.2011-Valley Isle Fellowship Installation of Senior Pastor, Stephen Kaneshiro

  1. keri

    i love the pictures!! you are so very awesome my most bestest sister!! 😀

    love you!!

  2. malia mendez

    Erin, thanks for sharing your pictures with me. it was a blessing to see your Dad’s family and friends come to support him. It shows how special he is to them.Thank you Jesus for bringing your Dad to VIF. We love him too! malia

  3. Aunty Sue

    Sweet Erin, Thank you for sharing your pix! It was almost like being there! Blessings on you and David as you celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ….the true reason for the season! Love you, Aunty Sue

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