California Vacation!

In September, we were blessed with the opportunity to go to California for the Truth Matters Conference, hosted by Grace to You, and Grace Community Church.  We then were able to visit with some of my friends from college!!

The cheapest tickets that we could find, were into San Jose.  So we spent the night in San Jose, then headed out early the next morning!  It was over a 5 hour drive, but it was interesting to see the different changes in scenery!  We made it to the LA area in time for a Grace to You tour!

Here is the studio that John MacArthur does his recordings in, and his office (where there are some sermon notes).

Here is a picture of Dave with Phil Johnson!

Grace Community Church!

Saturday’s conference, was only half a day, giving us an opportunity to play tourist!  We met some friends at a shopping mall, and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the California sky line!  So different from Maui!

They had a train!

There was also a fountain, that put on a show, coordinated to music!

The lights on top of the elevator tower were amazing at night!

Much Mahalos to Grace To You and Grace Community Church!  We can’t thank you enough for serving us the way that you did!!

We then had an opportunity to visit with the Leaman family in Bakersfield!!  We celebrated their son David’s birthday, on our first night there!

Edited to add:  This was also the night that I was introduced to Miche Bag!!  Julie’s Sister-In-Law, Shawnra Ancheta, is a Rep for Miche Bag.  LOVE it!!  I am now a Rep myself!! 😀  Check out my site!!

Our last night there, they took us to Dewar’s, which they told us was a must! 🙂

We then made our way to Visalia to visit with the Robb Family!  While up in Visalia, we made the short trip to Fresno, to see my Alma Mater, Fresno Pacific University.  Boy have things changed in the last 10+ years!!

We spent time at Brooklyn’s first ever soccer practice!

And also hung out with the family!

We borrowed Betsy’s, Dad’s kayak, and went up to Hume Lake!  My first time up there, after hearing so much about it!

We had the pleasure of attending Brooklyn’s first soccer game, and I caught a picture of her kicking the ball!  Go Brooklyn!!

The Hubby HATED me taking his picture, and made it known!

Much Mahalos to the Leaman’s (Brent, Julie, Hannah, David and Liliana) and the Robb’s (Brad, Betsy, Brooklyn and Bailey) for an AMAZING vacation!!  God has truly blessed us with AMAZING friends!!  Dave mentioned to me that this was the best vacation ever, from the conference, catching up with some of his friends, to time spent with you!!  Here’s the last picture that I took!  Bailey!



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  1. What no mention of your introduction to Miche?

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