VIF Ordination, 1.15.2012, Darren Sarmiento

YAY!!!  Only a week overdue!!  Sorry that this is late!!  I did try to get this posted earlier (I even had it downloaded, edited and Blogstomped, but just never got around to uploading and blogging)!!

On Sunday afternoon, January 15, 2012, Valley Isle Fellowship had their first ever, ordination service for Pastor Darren Sarmiento.  Congratulations Darren!!

A time of worship in song, which is very fitting!  Pastor Darren is the Pastor of Worship!

A time of testimonies, of Pastor Darren’s impact on lives!

Malia shared a hula, and was joined by 2 of her daughters!!  A true blessing!!

Pastor Jay Armstrong, of Kihei Baptist Church, gave the Charge to Pastor Darren.

A laying on hands (prayer) by  Ordained Ministers.

Prayer by VIF for Pastor Darren and his family.

Pastor Darren shared his thanks, and introduced his family.  I was able to get pictures of everyone except for his brother and nephews!  SO SORRY that they didn’t turn out!!


Congratulations Darren!!  Dave and I are praying for you!!  I personally want to thank you, Lani and Amber for the impact you’ve had on my life!!  May God RICHLY bless your ministry!!  God is Sovereign!


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