Day 20-Update!

Okay, I know, I know!!  I’ve been meaning to do an update for a LONG time!!

Dave and I are on day 20 of 60, of our juice/smoothie fast!  I can’t believe that we’ve made it this far!!  It has been tough, especially when getting together with other people, Valentine’s Day, and my birthday that is coming up!  But we know it’s worth it, to loose weight, and become healthy!

To date, I have lost 14.3 lbs!  Dave has lost 14.7 lbs!  So far, we have mainly been drinking smoothies of fruits and vegetables.  We’ve juiced a few times.  So, in order to see if we can increase our weight loss, we have decided to switch to just juicing, for at least 10 days.  Today will be Dave’s first day on juice only.  Tomorrow will be my first day.  After making Dave’s juice for the day (for him to take to work), boy, do we need a ton of produce!!  Guess I’ll be seeing the supermarket often, these next 10 days!!

Here’s a picture of me juicing up a storm today!


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  1. keri

    i wanna see your juicer. it looks interesting…

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