60 Day Juice Fast/Reboot Update!! FINALLY!!

So sorry that it’s been FOREVER!!!  I’ve been meaning to write this update for the LONGEST time!!  Dave and I ended our 60 day juice fast on April 4th!  The verdict??!!  Dave lost a total of 40 pounds, and I lost a total of 33 pounds!!  Here is a before and after composite.  The before picture is courtesy of our dear friends, Brett & Rita McKinley (taken in October); the after picture is courtesy of John Henry of John Henry Photography.

We both feel so much better.  A HUGE plus, is that Dave’s palate has adjusted, and he’s ACTUALLY, EATING vegetables!!!  Those that know Dave, know how BIG this is!!  He was a self proclaimed veggie hater!!  Now, he LOVES his veggies!!  We are trying to eat vegan, following Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Eat To Live diet.  Eating high nutrient dense foods is the key!!  So, another “toy” that we’ve invested in, is a steamer!!  Boy, have we put it to good use!!  LOVE steamed veggies!!

It’s been so NICE to FINALLY be able to cook & eat the way that I’ve been wanting to for the longest time!!  Here’s a look at our first Costco cart, after our juice fast!  What a CHANGE!!

Since our first day back on solid food landed on a Wednesday, our celebration meals were Whole Foods salads (since the food bars are $2 off on Wednesday, SCORE!!)!  I went a little overboard, but hey!  I had enough for ANOTHER meal!!


So, if you are considering a juice fast, we’d TOTALLY recommend it!!  If you can, check out “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” first.  You can view it on Netflix.  Then go to their website (www.jointhereboot.com).  Be patient.  The website CAN be slow since there is a lot of traffic on the website.  They do have an evaluation that you can fill out, so that you can see what kind of reboot/juice fast would be best for you to try.  We would recommend, along with Joe from the film, that you at least give the juice fast 10 days.  That way, you can experience the most benefits possible, in a short amount of time.  Trying to decide on a what type of juicer to buy?  We bought an Omega 8003 Nutrition Center from a local health food store (Alive & Well).  Here’s a GREAT article, explaining the differences between the different juicers.

Any questions, please let us know!! 😀


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