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Amber’s Senior Pictures

I’ve known Amber since she was a baby, and I can’t believe she’ll be graduating from high school in a few weeks!!  Her family has been my hanai family, and I even lived with them before I got married.  It has been a true joy to see the young woman that God has transformed her into!

For the last two weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with her and taking her Senior pictures!  I never thought that I’d be taking Senior pictures, since I’ve focused more on wedding photography.  But I enjoyed my time with Amber!  A couple of weeks ago I picked her up from school and headed out to the Old Maui High School.  Last week, I picked her up from school again, and we headed up to Iao Valley.  Here are a few of my favorites from our two sessions!






Amber, I’m praying for you as you finish up your senior year, and get ready for college in Arizona!  I love you!  May you always strive to bring Glory to God, and enjoy Him forever!!


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A look back at the many blessings of 2012!

Aloha!!!  So sorry that it has been WAY too long since I last blogged!!  A TON has happened since I last blogged in April!!

2012 has been filled with challenges, along with MANY blessings!!

Dave & I started out 2012 by doing a 60 day juice fast/reboot (well, February to be exact), inspired by the film “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.”  Here is a before and after picture!


Since then, we’ve gone plant strong (aka vegan)!  But . . . one exception we’ve made is seafood!  Since we live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, we’re surrounded by AMAZING seafood!!  So hard to give that up!! 🙂

Those of you who know Dave, you know what a tremendous change he has gone through!!  I have always been a veggie girl, and never much of a meat eater.  Dave was the COMPLETE opposite!!  So needless to say, prior to February, cooking for him was a challenge!!  He kept on telling me that I needed to cook healthier, and I kept on telling him that he needed to eat veggies!!  After viewing several other documentaries (oh, how we LOVE our Netflix!), Dave is a changed man!  Lately, we have been eating a ton of “vegan junk food.”  We plan on starting off 2013 with another juice fast/reboot or going back to the Eat To Live plan, which we’ve HIGHLY deviated from!!  So I guess you can say our New Year’s Resolution is to get back on track, and to get healthy again! 🙂

During our juice fast, Whole Foods Kahului was celebrating their 2nd birthday, which happened to also be my birthday!  They were running a drawing for a dinner for 2, with the authors of Top Maui Restaurants, at one of their top Maui restaurants!  Guess what a surprise I got, when I got the call that I WON!  I’m one that NEVER wins ANYTHING!!!  So that was an AWESOME birthday gift, except for the fact that we were on our juice fast!!

When I contacted Molly Jacobson, she said that it was no problem to wait until after we were done!  We rewarded ourselves on a successful juice fast by joining them for dinner at Honu (they had given us a list of places, and we got to pick one!).  I usually try to take pictures of everything we eat at restaurants, but totally forgot!!  Sorry that I have no pictures to post!!  Everything was so DELISH!!  If you ever come to Maui, you HAVE TO TRY HONU!!  Also, you really should pick up a copy of their book!!  They’ve done an AMAZING job of reviewing MANY eateries!!  Thank you, James & Molly!!

In April, I got to photograph my very first wedding!  Boy, was I scared!!  I learned a TON from this experience, and look forward to many more weddings!!  I also got a chance to assist in another wedding in May.  Many thanks to John Henry of John Henry Photography for allowing me to tag along!  I learned so much (like composition, lighting, settings, logistics, working with vendors, making the experience memorable for the bride & groom, etc)!!  I look forward to assisting you with other weddings/events, if you ever need assistance! 🙂

In May, I photographed Mothers and their families, as a gift to the Mothers in our church, for Mother’s Day!  Boy, was that a quick moving, and hectic day!!  But SO much fun!!  I learned a TON from that experience!!  I look forward to doing it again, but using the knowledge that I’ve learned to make it a less time consuming task! 🙂  Here is a picture of my siblings and I.  I am the oldest, but seem to be the shortest (but only because my sister was wearing her huge slippers!). 🙂Kaneshiro_8174-2 (1 of 1)

The Sunday after Mother’s Day, May 20, our family had a HUGE surprise!!  My brother and his wife had a baby BOY!!!  Grayson Timothy Kaneshiro surprised everyone, as we all thought he was a girl! 🙂  But what a treasured blessing he has been!!


Today, Grayson is a healthy boy at just a little over 7 months old!!  I treasure the moments, though far and few in between, that I get to spend with him.  Can you say, PROUD AUNTY?!!

In August, Dave and I took a vacation and visited with family and friends in Washington and Idaho.  We had a TON of fun!!  We absolutely LOVED the lake lifestyle in Sandpoint, ID!  In Washington, we had a blessed time of fellowship with family and friends!  Here are a few of our pictures!





In September, we celebrated my Sister’s upcoming wedding with wedding showers!  Here are some pictures from Keri’s VIF Wedding Shower, and the Family Wedding Shower!



At the end of September, on Monday, September 24th, as we were preparing for my Sister’s big day, we discovered that  Dave had a detached retina in his right eye.  That was late afternoon Monday.  By early Tuesday morning, we were on our way to Oahu for an emergency surgery.

We had a morning consultation with the surgeon, then surgery in the late afternoon, Tuesday, September 25th.  Boy, has this been a challenge this year!  Dave is finally back to work, but trying to get used to the distortions that are still present, and the changes that have taken place with his vision due to the surgery.  We still have a long road in front of us.  If you EVER experience any changes in your vision, PLEASE go have it checked out!!  We were very blessed to have been able to catch the detachment before there was a complete retinal detachment.


Dave can be so dramatic!! The pictures on the left are pre-surgery. The picture on the right is of him during recovery. For the first week, he had to keep his head down as part of the healing process.

On Saturday, October 6th, my Sister married Kawika Kiesling at the Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm.  It was a blessed day!!  Here are a few snapshots from the day!





Thanksgiving and Christmas this year was a blessing, in that we got to spend it together as a family!!  My whole, entire immediate family is back on Maui!!

And . . . I guess that brings this year end blog/update to an end!  I had planned to close out with a picture of the last sunset of the year.  But I didn’t make it out to take a picture!!  Just ending the year, hanging out with my Hubby, relaxing!  Boring, I know, but it’s us!!  Simple, and easy going!  Happy New Year!!  We pray that you are growing in the knowledge and grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!!  Have a BLESSED 2013!!

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Kerbear!!! My AMAZING Sis!!! :D

Kerbear!  That’s what I call my younger sister, Keri! 🙂  She came to visit the other week (actually, she really came to help out with you camp in Keanae, to be a counselor).  She came in a couple of days early, and I got to hang out with her the day she arrived (a Saturday).  I know how much she’s been eyeing up my camera, so I let her play with it some.  🙂  Ain’t I a nice big sister?!  😀  Since she left the pictures on my camera, thought I’d share them with you (SOC-straight out of camera)!

Lovely plumeria trees!

Don’t know why, but I love this picture!  For some reason, I like this view point, & have also taken some pictures like this!  Guess we really are related! 😀

I think this is one that she said was one of her favorites! 🙂  LOVE the color of the flowers!

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Iao Valley

The other weekend, I had the pleasure of joining a friend on a nature shoot, of a popular place to both locals and tourists: Iao Valley.  We decided to take advantage of the gorgeous early morning light, and met at the lower park, also known as Kepaniwai.

As I strived to see Iao Valley with new eyes, I was reminded of how much I LOVE God’s artistry!!  What an AMAZING artist He is!!  All Creation was singing His Glory!!  Here are a few of my favorites! 🙂


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Inspiration.  That’s what I received last week Wednesday!  I traveled to the West side of the island to have lunch with a local photographer!  She invited me over for lunch, to share some “Hippy Food,” at a health food joint that recently opened up!  I had wanted to try the place out, but since Dave is not a fan of “healthy” food, I knew that I had to try it out by myself.  She offered to join me so that I wouldn’t have to go alone!

We talked, a lot, and shared, a lot.  I got to hear her story, and her struggles.  She inspired me to keep on, keeping on!  I just need to get out there, and SHOOT, no matter how hard it may be!  Lord, please help me to figure out a way to balance time with You, being a wife (and ALL that is involved, like house work, etc), work and my hobbies (which photography is a part of, and would like to turn into a paying gig).  May everything that I do bring you Glory!!  🙂

Oh, and if you are ever on the West side of Maui, check out Choice Health Bar in Lahaina (next to Pizza Hut/Taco Bell off of Honoapiilani Hwy)! 🙂

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Win FREE Wedding Photography!!

Will you be getting married, here in Hawaii, in July?  If so, you may just be able to win FREE photography!!  Candice Benjamin, a gal that I met (well, I didn’t actually MEET her, but I found out about her) through Creative Live, will be giving away 2 FREE wedding photography packages, and 1-1.5 hour photo sessions with the runner-ups!  All this while she is on vacation with her family on Kauai!!  Candice was part of the in studio “class” for the Jasmine Star course, “Building Your Wedding Photography Business with Jasmine Star.”  What an AMAZING and GENEROUS idea!!  I know, from personal experience, how hard it is for us locals to be able to afford a good photographer for our wedding!  It ain’t cheap, to live here in Hawaii (“Paradise” as others call it)!!  Check out the below video and “meet” the lovely Candice Benjamin!

Isn’t she great?!!  Check out her blog to get the 411!  Another option is that you can go to The Oceanside Bride to view their complete rules (she is working with Oceanside Bride to find the lucky couples!).  🙂

Can’t wait to see who the lucky people will be!!  You’ll walk away, with stunning and AMAZING photos, I’M SURE!! 😀


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creativeLIVE has been a HUGE source of information for me as I dive into photography!  I found creativeLIVE while Jasmine Star did her first workshop (photographing a wedding, LIVE!).  While the courses are showing live on the internet, it is free.  But there is SO MUCH valuable information, that it is so tempting to buy the download! 🙂

Currently, creativeLIVE is hosting a workshop by Zack Arias, “Foundations of a Working Photographer.”  AMAZING so far!!  I would LOVE to buy this course ($99 while it’s showing live, $149 once the course/workshop is over), but don’t think I can afford it at the time.  Guess I’ll just watch while I can, and take notes.  GO!  Check it out!! 😀

Edited to add:  Video of introduction


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BlogStomp!  Any of you know of this fabulous product?  I just installed the app yesterday and gave it a try (trial).  I LOVED it so much, that I searched for the discount code (it’s only for a very limited time, and can be found in their “Discussions” tab on their Facebook page) and just bought an activation code!  Can’t go wrong ($19 instead of $49)!!  BlogStomp will make it SO much easier for me to share photos with you all, in my blog!  YAY!!

But that brings to mind, some other questions!  When should I start adding a logo to my pictures, so that I can start branding myself from the beginning?  What should I call my “business”?  When/how do I make my “business” legal?  How do I want my logo to look, in order to start branding myself?

You might be wondering, “What spurred these questions?”  Well, BlogStomp makes it SO EASY, to add your logo to your pictures.  I love the tab look on the bottom of the picture, making it look like a Polaroid.  But that white area would also look SO good with a logo on it!  I also know that it’s important to start branding myself as soon as I can.  I guess I’ll wait until I get to the point where I think I’ve gotten enough practice that my pictures are a representative of my brand, whatever that may be!

Here’s an example of what BlogStomp can do, with pictures that I posted on Monday!


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Monday Recap

Recap time! 🙂  How are you all doing?  I pray that you all had a BLESSED weekend, as we celebrated Easter!!

Dave & I had a blessed time on the Big Island.  It was such a blessing to take a vacation, with no agenda, other than to spend time with family, relax and recuperate!  What a blessing it was!  We’ve done lots of the tourist stuff before, so we just wanted to relax.  That, we did! 🙂

We got to the Big Island on a Saturday morning.  The next morning, we went to hear my brother preach at Waikoloa Baptist Church.  Then we had lunch and just hung out.  Loved every second of our quality time!!

Then we headed back to the Hilo side of the island, for a family dinner/cook out at my Grandma’s house.  We had all kinds of yummy, onolicious food!!

Then started our relaxing week.  As I blogged on Friday, we went out to Waikoloa again to have dinner with my brother, sister-in-law and her parents.  Had a delicious buffet dinner, but an even sweeter time of fellowship!

After dinner, we took a walk near the shoreline, and got to see some of the remaining beauty of the sunset.

I’m starting to get the hang of Manual Mode!!  (I just need to continue practicing, practicing, practicing!!!)  All the pictures that I took were without a flash.  I was amazed at what I could capture, in the dark! 😀

Top Photo: Photo of the fish pond that was damaged by the recent tsunami.

Bottom Photo: Random, I know, but there were these random cloud streaks!  Amazed that I was able to get a shot, in the dark!! 😀

Top Photo: There were these cool looking lamps, that kind of looked like a Chinese hat.  My sister, Keri, had the cool idea to take a picture under it, so that it’d look like she was wearing it.  Didn’t quite turn out how she wanted.

Bottom Photo: Another try, this time with one in a lighted area.  Still, not quite the effect we were going for.  Oh well!

We headed back to my parents house after dinner, since Dave & I were leaving the next morning.  Can’t believe how fast the week went by!!  I already miss my family, but it’s nice to be back home.  Thank you God, for allowing us to live in such a beautiful place.  May we always glorify You!

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Progress??!  YES!!  Today, I got a few frames. 😀

We spent the morning searching for the transfer station (to throw away the trash).  Boy, was that an adventure, to only find that they were all closed today!  So, off to find the dump in Hilo town, we went!

By then, our plans to get coffee and scones were turned into getting lunch!  While eating lunch, I noticed that Dave had a brightly colored wall behind him.  So, I took out my camera, thinking that it’d make for some awesome shots of the Man I Love! 😀  But, he wasn’t too interested.  Though, the pictures did turn out pretty good! 🙂  I think I may have started to get a little hang of the whole manual situation.  But, I don’t think Dave would want me to share them.  He wasn’t too interested in looking at the camera, or giving me any smiles!  Thanks Love, for your love, support and the gentle nudging! 😀

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