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Kaneshiro Family Celebrates Gracie! 4.14.2012

I can’t WAIT to welcome my niece into this world!!  She is supposed to arrive on May 15!!  So we’ll soon be welcoming a new member into the Kaneshiro family!!

On Saturday, April 14, 2012, the Kaneshiro family celebrated Gracie’s life, with a baby shower for Mom!  Since my Sister-In-Law, Amy (Gracie’s Mom), decided to decorate the nursery in an owl theme, the baby shower, of course, had an owl theme!!  My dear friend, Kelly Yokouchi, made Amy & Gracie a diaper cake!

All the other elements, I either got from Ben Franklin, or Etsy.  I think I spent WAY too many hours on Etsy, looking for just the right element for the party!! 😀

Courtesy of Kelly Yokouchi


Dessert/favor table! 😀

I’m not a games person.  That is one reason why I HATE going to showers!!  I enjoy a time of fellowship, or actually doing activities.  🙂  So one of the activities included signing a frame (like a guest book).  Once Gracie is born, a picture of her can be inserted into the frame!  Another activity was a prayer book.

The Kaneshiro’s are known for having good “grub!”  YUM!! 😀

Another activity that I asked the family to do, is to write little notes on the back of puzzle pieces, to Gracie!  That way, when she’s working on the puzzle, she’ll see the notes from her family! 🙂

The little fellow that joined us ladies for the day!! Mr. Marburger!! 🙂 Such a cutie!!

Nicole explaining the awesomeness of the covers she made, for the baby carrier!!

Thanks to the many generous gifts from the people of Valley Isle Fellowship, Family and Friends, the Kaneshiro’s (Jeremy & Amy), are ready to welcome Gracie into the family!!  Please pray for Jeremy & Amy as they wait for the arrival of little Gracie!


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VIF Celebrates Baby Girl Kaneshiro! 3/31/2012


This past Saturday, March 31, 2012, Valley Isle Fellowship showered my Sister-In-Law and Brother with an ABUNDANCE of blessings.  Amy and Jeremy are awaiting the arrival of their precious baby girl.  She is supposed to make her grand entrance on or around May 15!  Our family is very excited, for this will be the first grandchild for my parents!

Helen Yoshizawa (a lifelong family friend, who we refer to as Aunty Helen) was in charge of putting everything together.  Thank you SO MUCH, Aunty Helen for all that you did!!  You are such a tremendous BLESSING to Amy and Jeremy, as well as the rest of our family!!  To all those involved with making the day a very successful one, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Now, for some pictures!!  Enjoy!!

Bouquet/centerpieces made by Pauline Harada; favors by Helen Yoshizawa.

Carol Sakai opened up in prayer.


Lani Sarmiento shared a devotional.

Aunty Helen! 🙂

Amy getting measured, for the classic baby shower game of guess how big Mom's stomach is!

Both women had to jan ken po (rock, paper, scissors), to see who won the prize! They had to break a tie for the name the baby animal game. Hilarious!!

The proud Parents to Be!


SO MUCH ONOLICIOUS food!! VIF sure knows how to potluck!! 😀




Blessing upon blessing of gifts!!




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